Let’s dream about a Nokia/Jolla collaboration in 2016

I’ve done some speculation over on Forbes:

It’s a long road for Jolla, but if they can make a success of their first handset during the first half of 2014, and work on a second handset for late 2015, then the boutique smartphone manufacturer will become a very attractive property either for an IPO or a buy-out by a larger company who wants to get into the smartphone game.

Or a company that wants to return to the smartphone game.

At this point this is nothing more than speculation, but it’s speculation that many people are quietly making. Nokia’s Board has agreed a deal that could see them legitimately return to the smartphone world in just over two years, and many of the engineers who worked on the Nokia N9 are working on its spiritual successor in Helsinki, just a stone’s throw away from Nokia’s head office in Espoo.