Mike Butcher’s ‘European Tech Events in 2013’ Page

Added here as a reference both for myself as well as my readers is a curated list of Tech Events by Mike Butcher. Also includes some of the notable overseas events that European tech companies should be aware of.

Why is it important to do this? In the first instance, Europe is a bit of a mess. Every single country seems to have its own major conference on tech startups. And so we need a single overview of what’s going on.

But the main reason is that it’s easier for those of us in the media (hello!) to cover your company if we get to meet you at an event. And it helps if that event does not clash with another. So if we produce a list of the bigger events, the events organisers will – like several planes emerging from above the clouds and realising they are about to crash into each other – hopefully not clash with each other. It’s also much easier for investors to move between conferences where there are startups to check out and entrepreneurs to meet. It’s also easier for startups to take their show on the road and present to investors or the media if the events don’t clash. See? Everyone wins!