The world of PR is already messing up Jelly

Mobile start-up Jelly (a sort of post an image and ask a question about it and hope someone in your social circle (a) knows the answer (b) is on Jelly and (c) will happily post the answer) is just over a week old. Showing just how fast the internet works, the social media teams from the big brands are already “leveraging their real-time social virility and trading friendship capital for marketing messages.” Over to David Meyer:

The thing launched like three seconds ago and already I’m getting notifications for “questions” from mobile phone companies, soft drink firms and so on. Now, I’m not naïve. I know that a free app is going to come with an element of advertising. I get it – the revenue will come from brand partnerships or whatever. I think “native” (a.k.a deceptive) advertising sucks, but if it’s at least a bit obvious, it’s not the end of the world. Yay for media literacy.

But for Pete’s sake, can’t you marketers let me get comfy first? Maybe let me poke around and see why this new platform is fun (a debatable point) before you start hitting me over the head with the brand hammer? Do you have to be in there from day one?