Another commentator notes the ‘Normandy’ name and the hidden message to Microsoft from Nokia

Charles Arthur at The Guardian pitches an interesting idea to Microsoft’s new CEO. Drop Windows Phone and fork Android.

Windows Phone was a wonderful project, but it was too late; the benefits of integration across handset, tablet and desktop simply haven’t appeared. The vast majority of people who use a desktop PC don’t use a Windows smartphone, and there’s no chance of that changing any time soon – or ever, actually.

AOSP offers Microsoft the chance to remake its mobile strategy so that it exploits all the strengths of its most bitter rival – it’s free, widely available – and grab mobile developer interest. An all-out war between Microsoft and Google using the Android platform would be absolutely fascinating; both would be pressed on their strengths and weaknesses. For Microsoft, presently a distant third in this race, it could be the answer it needs.

Sounds remarkably like one of my editorials last month at Forbes, arguing that Nokia’s leaked Normandy handset running a variant of the Android Open Source Project, should be seen to completion by Microsoft and tie in with the Windows Live account and cloud services.