Wen Chrome decides to take over the world, this is how it will do it

Kevin Tofel looks at Google’s latest Chrome strategy, and how it hopes to ride over the traditional OS using the Chrome browser on the Windows and OSX desktops:

In fact, I’d go so far as to say, within a year, many of you will be using a Chromebook. Before you roll your eyes, let me add one caveat: That Chromebook won’t be Google-designed hardware; instead it will be on the Mac, Windows or Linux machine you have at that time. So it won’t be a Google-built device like my Chromebook Pixel is… For many Chrome is just a browser. For others who use a Chromebox or Chromebook, like myself, it’s my full-time operating system. The general consensus is that Chrome OS, the platform used on these devices, can only browse the web and run either extensions and web apps; something any browser can do. Simply put, the general consensus is wrong and the signs are everywhere.

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