It’s like The Grauniad, but for teh Internet!

Quickly, head over to Stef Lewandowski’s latest

I was telling Pascal Auberson and Bill Thompson, two of the other hackers about the fact that I owned the domain, and there were about seven of the Guardian team in the room, and well, wouldn’t it be really funny to demo something on-stage that was a hack on their site?

And we riffed about what it could be, and somehow we found ourselves laughing about how it would be wonderful to take the piss out of the reputation that the Guardian, probably unfairly nowadays, has for typos in published articles.

By inserting our own mistakes into the Guardian’s articles.

All the news from The Guardian, all the opinion, and cached pages so everyone sees the same teh when they arrive. I think I’ve found a new way to link to their articles… until the lawyers get involved.