Trivial Posts: The Debut Edition

Right then, let’s try a little something here. Since I had my ‘what is this blog for’ discussion a year or two ago, it’s been a place for links, thoughts, and fun things that I want to keep track of personally… and there seems to be an audience for it. But it’s been a bit haphazard of late.

So in a vain way to try and put some structure in place, and to experiment with email newsletters and regular digests, here’s the first day of ‘Trivial Posts’.

(Personally I blame James Whatley).

Nine Flawed Christmas Baubles Of The Solar System

Just because Pluto pretended to be a planet for 75 years, doesn’t mean it should get to stay as one of the nine baubles in this Christmas Tree set from Amazon. Either stick with the eight planets, or go for the nine largest planetary bodies in the Solar System… in which case bauble nine should be Eris, not Pluto.

Armageddon has a lot to answer for

Following a Twitter query, Spotify discovered that listens of Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ spike when a celestial body appears in the news. It also climbs up the charts every #ThrowBackThursday and Valentine’s Day. If you want to promote a Michael Bay soundtrack, you need a big rock to fly by.

The Story Of Alien Through The Fonts

Infrequently updated, but when it is, Typeset in the Future is utterly fascinating. The latest post takes Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien‘ and analyses the film through its use of fonts, typesetting, lettering, and symbology. It’s just wonderful. Obsssesive, but wonderful.

Typsettting Alien

One Day, All The World’s Ringtones Sounded Like This

What might be junk now will be the artefacts of history in the future. There are going to be countless objects left around (and I would love to know how archaeologists will explain away the sudden explosion of moustache-based objects from the early 21st century). Brendan Chilcutt is more worried about the sounds of the century. How can sounds be preserved for astronauts to hear and realise they’re on Earth all along?

Meet The Museum of Endangered Sounds.

His Name Struck Fear Into Hearts Of Men

Following the success of the Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast, Cameron Reily has paired up with Ray Harris, jr. for another historical exploration through the medium of podcasting. ‘The Life Of Alexander The Great‘ is a part-work with the first episode available for free and everything else available for a monthly subscription (starting at five US dollars a month).

Give Reily’s history (he’s one of the few people in the world who have been at this podcasting lark longer than me) and the strength of his ten-year catalogue of shows, this looks like it’s going to be another chariot of fun through a historical life.

List and subscribe to The Life Of Alexander The Great.

This Week’s Long Read: The History of Reddit

In an extensively researched and well written piece, Mashable’s Seth Fiegerman takes a look at the formation, evolution, and current state of the self-styled front page of the Internet… Reddit.

Read all about the Aliens in the Valley.

What I’ve Been Up To…

Everything above caught my eye, everything now is by me. My interview with Indiegogo Founder Dane Ringelmann is up on Forbes; how I went about broadcasting the Junior Eurovision Song Contest on FM Radio to six countries is on ESC Insight; and which is better, the iPad mini 3 or the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact?

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