Trivial Posts #6: Boston’s Budget, Chocolate And Creme, Leap Seconds To Disaster

A busy week for me with CES going on and lots of news to stay on top of, but that does’ mean there’s no time for some fun posts! Once more, here’s the weekly collection of interesting posts, ideas, video clips, essays, images, and anything else that catches my eye online

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Faster, Better, Stronger, More Expensive…

Boston is rather upset that it’s getting to bid for the 2024 Olympic Games. The small committees, politicians, and planners are going ‘this would be a good thing, we can build new public transport links’, before being stuck when asked ‘why do you need the Olympics to build a new public transport link?’ And various other issues. If it was up to me it would be run ever four years in the same venue, at standing facilities, and that would be the end of the frankly poisoned bidding process.

Back to Boston, and Chris Sampson has summed up the thoughts of many. Start there.

The Olympic (Non) Ideal

Nul Points For Economy Cattle Class

With the Eurovision National Final season under way,every country is running a ‘Song for Europe’ process to choose their song for the Grand Final of Eurovision in May (that’s the bit you all watch on television). Me, I spend most weekends in the first third of the year flying around Europe to sit in the studios of these National Finals – follow it all online and through the podcast at ESC Insight.

Anyway, I know seating charts and airline routing that you’ve never even dreamt off(and when you should take a bus to the next country to get a better return flight). Still, I’ve not found anything as scary as Delta’s new seating chart.

Winter 2014 via The Cooper Review

When you’re a kid all you want to do is be somewhere else

The great thing about Amazon is I don’t have to remember to check my favourite author’s bibliography every week to see if there is a new book, the carousel at the bottom of the Kindle App will give me a nudge. Maybe not on launch day, but soon.

So this week I have raced through John Scalzi’s ‘Lock In‘, and a fine slice of science-fiction and techno-political-thriller it is as well. It’s a short, fast, read (which is Scalzi’s style), but it’s thoroughly recommended.

Lock In on Amazon.

This is not the Crème Egg you were looking for.

So Kraft would respect Cadbury’s when it took over the Birmingham based confectioner? Sure does’ look like it today with the news that the Crème Egg is going through some cost-cutting exercises to boost profits by reducing the raw cost of the egg. The chocolate shell will now be “standard cocoa mix chocolate” stuffed with palm oil (as opposed to using Dairy Milk chocolate), and the six-pack of eggs (designed to mimic hen’s eggs bought in a supermarket) will be reduced from half a dozen eggs to a prime-numebr-tastic five eggs in a packet.

This. Is. Wrong.

A nation in shock as Cadbury’s change the crème edge recipe

Tick, Tock, Tick… Tick…

Wired’s Robert McMillan takes a look at the tricky issue of the leap second. As I mentioned in the blog last week, the world is getting an extra second (58… 59… 60… 00…). That’s easy enough for humans to understand, but how do you explain it to a computer. Every computer. At the same time? The short answer is you can’t do this very easily, so programmers are looking at this leap second as an interesting challenge.

The leap second is about to rattle the internet

Everything Is Awesome

At least, it is awesome now. Lego sailed very close to disappearing as a company, but pulled it back. How? Jonathan Ringen finds out for Fast Company’s latest profile. What works, what doesn’t, where do the new ideas come from, and more.

Lego, The Apple Of The Toy World

This week’s long read: Let’s

Drew Hoolhorst writes about the decision to become a parent, and manages to throw dust in your eye, with this delightful statement of intent. I wish I had that cape…

On becoming a parent, being fallible and always remembering to wear a cape.

What have I been up to?

With all the focus on CES, wasn’t it handy for Apple that Mark Gurman leaked so many details about the new MacBook Air with a twelve-inch screen and just one USB-C port? Some thoughts on the ‘rumours’ over on Forbes. Also, why should you think about websites and email newsletters instead of Facebook Pages?

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