The Top Forty countdown, with only our favourite songs, moves to Friday

I don’t listen regularly to the Top 40 any more, so its move to Friday afternoon instead of Sunday evening is just another “well, back in my day” to add to my brain, but one thing I loved (and still love) about the Top 40 is that no matter what the song was, it was always played in the countdown. It was one of the few chances to bypass the pluggers and pickers of the national pop music station and get airplay. Be it Status Quo, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, or that year’s winning Eurovision Song Contest, if it made the Top Forty it made it to the airwaves.

The new show will only feature a ‘selection’ of songs in the Top Forty. I suspect that means songs that would not normally feature on Radio 1 will be excised from the charts, further balkanising music in the UK, as opposed to playing the occasional Balkan song that makes the charts.