Here’s the Biggest Star Wars spoiler you missed… ‘There is a female character’

We’re expected to believe that Rey was not promoted heavily in the Star Wars toy lines because it would have been a ‘spoiler’ for the film. Let’s forget she was in the trailer, she was one of the three new lead actors in all the promotion, and that Hasbro would rather put Darth Vader into Star Wars Monopoly than a character from the film it was branded with.

No, just the idea of Rey was enough to stop selling toys to stop ‘The Force Awakens‘ being spoiled. Or…

The insider, who was at those meetings, described how initial versions of many of the products presented to Lucasfilm featured Rey prominently. At first, discussions were positive, but as the meetings wore on, one or more individuals raised concerns about the presence of female characters in the Star Wars products. Eventually, the product vendors were specifically directed to exclude the Rey character from all Star Wars-related merchandise, said the insider.

“We know what sells,” the industry insider was told. “No boy wants to be given a product with a female character on it.”

Michael Bohem writes in-depth to answer ‘Where’s Rey?