The secrets behind the greatest daytime TV show

I’m not sure if Low Culture’s detailed look at ‘Homes Under The Hammer is genuine, a tongue in cheek pastiche of geek-chic fandom, a disgruntled writer given the worst SEO assignment in the world, or a mix of all three. I’m sure that it’s a fabulously inventive piece of writing:

Ridiculously, it’s unlikely that any of Hammer will ever get a DVD release. I know, right? Luckily, this does have a bright side – it means the show is covered by a blanket licence agreement for music, and they can play pretty much anything they like, so the researchers like to make sure the tunes are appropriate to the action. For example, if Lucy asks someone what the budget for their renovations is and they say “there’s no limit really”, you can bet your arse that No Limits by 2 Unlimited will be blasting over the top of the next montage. A woman once said “for me, this property has too many walls”. Right on cue, Cathy Dennis.

Martin in particular is prone to dropping in phrases so a certain song will be played, which is particularly hilarious when everyone else fails to pick up on it, a totally different one is used, and he just sounds like he’s gone a bit loopy.

Congrats Low Culture, you have another fan – even if I support a different kind of Hammer.