The Killer ‘5 Day’ for Virtual Reality

Because what VR really needs is Fruit Ninja:

“After the latest VR technology was released, we felt that there was no better game suited to VR than Fruit Ninja,” Halfbrick’s Adam Wood, product manager for Fruit Ninja VR, told IGN earlier today. “The simplicity of Fruit Ninja with the total immersion of VR creates an experience like no other.”

Simplicity and VR get along very, very well. That’s because with something like the Vive’s hyper-accurate motion tracking, your hands and arms quickly transform into whatever weapon or other implement is in the game world. Nailing targets with a bow & arrow? Perfect. Swinging a sword? Super satisfying. It’s also more challenging than you might expect, thanks to the 1:1 tracking.

More from Jason Evangelho at TweakTown. Halfbrick’s other masterpiece is Jetpack Joyride… hurry up with that one!