Welcome To The Fifteenth Year Of Podcasting The Edinburgh Fringe

August in Edinburgh means it’s Festival time, which includes the Fringe. And with the Fringe comes my annual podcast and radio show from Scotland’s capital.

For those of you already subscribed to the podcast, you’ll find the traditional prologue episode for the year is now available in the RSS Feed. For those of you not familiar with Daniel Cainer’s ‘Edinburgh’ song you can head to the main website, find the show in iTunes, or add the RSS feed to your app.

As always the show is produced with Radio Six International, so you can hear it online every Saturday with repeats throughout the week, and it will also be syndicated out to the network and to other partner stations.

There is one big difference this year, and that’s the number of shows. I’m cutting back on my workload a touch this year, so the episodes will only post at weekends this year, not during the week. But to make up for that, the 2019 episodes will be double length and run for an hour.

And if you want to suggest interviews, appear on the show, or recommend some music, you know where to reach me!