The Power Of Conversation: Introducing The Book Week Scotland Podcast

For the last month or so, I’ve been working with Scottish Book Trust on one of the digital components of Book Week Scotland. Their ‘Conversations’ podcast went live at the start of this week, with the four episodes being published over four days. It’s not quite a ‘Netflix Drop’ for binge listening, but it’s close!

Over to Scottish Book Trust for some details:

Enjoy a book festival from the comfort of your own headphones by subscribing to The Book Week Scotland Conversations Podcast, from Scottish Book Trust.

With the help of poet Tom Pow, we’ve asked authors, poets and storytellers to sit down with each other and have a conversation. A conversation we can all enjoy listening to.

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This is a limited run series in terms of episodes as they are geared around the conversations in Book Week Scotland, but I know they’re going to have a life outside the festival as more people discover the show. Podcasting allows people to talk passionately with far fewer restrictions than television or radio, and there’s a lot of passion over these four shows. From gaelic Monsters and campfire stories to Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World and Winnie the Pooh, you’re going to go on four engaging and thoughtful rides.

One of my challenges was to avoid the successful interviewer/interviewee dynamic but to focus on the individuality and equality of each voice. The guests on each show were asked to come in and talk wherever the mood took them. We started with the episode titles (Reading, Childhood, Home, and Language), opened the microphones, and let the magic happen.

As a result you’re not going to hear me at all in these shows. I’ve been sitting back with my producer hat firmly in place, but this has been a collaboration between myself, Scottish Book Trust, and poet Tom Pow. You’ll hear Tom a lot, as he frames each episode and is one of the first guests. The podcast series is also part of the ‘Year of Conversation’ project (Tom is the Creative Director) which embraces the power of conversations, be it for social good, at events, or in the digital world.

I realise that countless podcasts are launched every week, but what can I say… I’m really excited about these shows, I’ve been waiting for some time to share the conversations, and I know you’ll enjoy them.

One more thing, for the record. The initial contact and discussions happened on LinkedIn. To anyone who has asked if LinkedIn works… yes, it does.