Amazon Buys, What Happens Next?

Last week saw Amazon make two significant domain name purchases, with and now part of the company. Right now they are pointing to Amazon’s talking book service Audible, but there is so much more potential in that domain name.

I can think of three immediate good uses for the domain name.

Find Us

Amazon, like any store, is there to sell you things. Be it from its own catalogue, a third party supplier using its warehouse and fulfilment centres, or putting you directly in touch with the supplier (after a fashion), it wants to be the place where you find things – very much ‘The Everything Store’. Why not a storefront for podcasts? They could be Amazon’s own, third-party podcasts hosted on Amazon, or they could simply be an RSS feed pointing to a fully independent podcast.

Where are you going to look for podcasts? feels like an obvious answer.

Stay With Us

Dwell time has long been a measurement used in performance metrics. The same is true of the spoken word as the written word. The longer you can keep someone engaged with your service, the more opportunity you have to provide them with value… and the less time they will spend with another service.

In the case of streaming music, once you have people signed up to your service, its all about getting as many listening minutes as possible. This is where podcasting has a monetary benefit to all of the subscription music services. Licensing wise, podcasts are much cheaper to stream than music.

If Amazon is going to highlight podcasts with the new domains, it’s surely got to be via the Amazon Music app, Once listeners associate podcasts with Amazon. their will be fewer reasons to for them to look outside of Amazon to Spotify or Apple Music.

Who’s going to say no to more minutes for less money?

Don’t Go To Anyone Else

Much like a patent, one of then benefits of holding a domain name is to make sure nobody else can use it. With, Amazon closes off an avenue is competitors could explore. Sometimes the best move are defensive.

Will Amazon make a significant play as a podcast discovery service? Will it simply use the domain name to drive ears to Audible and Amazon Music? Or is it getting ready to make a disruptive play around hosting and revenue generation for countless creators?

What do you think?