How Many Minutes Of Podcasts Can You Listen To In A Day?

How many podcasts are there? How many episodes are produced every day? And how long would it take for you to listen to every podcast that comes out today?

As noted in today’s PodNews, the podcast count has tipped over the two million mark in the last twenty four ours, with Podcast Industry Insights’ Daniel J. Lewis.

Now there are some caveats to this data; the biggest is the source of the data itself. Specifically there are now two million podcasts listed in Apple’s podcast directory. This is not one hundred percent comprehensive. Podcasts can be automatically removed from the directory, and I doubt you’ll find Spotify’s exclusive ‘Two Old American Men Around A Table’ listed, even if it does feature Bruce Springsteen and Barak Obama.

But the ubiquity and long-standing visibility of Apple’s podcast directory is, frankly, the best we’ve got to hand, so let’s run with ‘good’ data that we have now rather than some mythical ‘perfect’ data we can collect in the future.

So we have a nice headline number in two million. We also have a nice follow-up number of 47.5 million podcast episodes (specifically 2,004,462 podcasts, and 47,557,422 episodes).

The number that excites me though is 37.29 percent. This is number of podcasts in the directory that have published a minimum of one episode in the last ninety days. If you assume that every podcast in that batch is weekly (again, good numbers, not perfect numbers), and a median duration of thirty eight minutes, that means the community is producing 4,126,213 minutes of podcasting every single day

That’s close enough to seven years and eight months of listening generated every day.

I’d better get my headphones on…