Sixteen Years And Counting

There’s been a small rush of new articles appearing on the site this week. I’ve brought over many of my articles on podcasting from Voice as that site moves away from its Blockchain-powered magazine site and removes users’ content from public view.

This is why everyone should have their own back-ups of content.

After a year or two of not posting much on this site – the fact that the last big moment was announcing my epilepsy in February 2018 is a bit of a giveaway – I decided to look back to see when my first post was. The ‘Hello world, it’s a blog‘ was February 13 2003. Since then, there’s been a domain name change, various different blog names and designs, different topics being focused on at different times, and not all the formatting has survived.

I’m still writing online, I still have my podcasts and radio shows running, the YouTube channel is idle but not dead. I’m not sure what happens next. But I’ll really try to remember to talk about it here.