Podcasting The Edinburgh Fringe 2021

As with pretty much every other event, the Edinburgh Fringe has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic; last year’s Fringe was cancelled, and this year’s is running with a much reduced program.

I’ve been podcasting the Edinburgh Fringe since 2005 to critical acclaim. With the Fringe’s cancellation in 2020 the podcast was rested, and there was always a question of what to do in 2021. Would I look to cover this year’s Fringe as I had in previous years? Would it stay rested until whatever a ‘full Fringe’ is would come back? Would this be the point to consider retiring the show.?

In the end I’ve decided to punt the decision to next year. But that doesn’t mean I’m not podcasting the Fringe, I’m just doing it with a different team and a different role.

For the most part I’ll be off-microphone to produce comedy critic Kate Copstick’s podcast from the Fringe. Don’t go in to this show expecting a gentle interview style show; this is going to be a podcast that has a lot of chaotic energy, with no-holds-barred conversation, no topic out of reach, and it most certainly earns the ‘explicit’ tag.

Meet ‘Slaughtered At The Edinburgh Fringe’.