Europe’s Heartbeat: October’s Music From The Continent

Following a short break over the summer, this weekend saw the return of my music show ‘Europe’s Heartbeat’. Showcasing some of the best new music from the continent, the sixth season will debut monthly on Radio Six International, and then posted online at the ‘Europe’s Heartbeat‘ website.

Naturally there’s a hint of the Eurovision Song Contest in the mix (you can listen to my predictions for the 2021 Contest here), but there’s much more music out there than the twenty-six songs that show on on a Saturday night in May. This is my chance to share the music that I love from across Europe. 

I don’t want to spoil all of the surprises of October’s hour; naturally the Eurovision winners Måneskin are there (I’m quite partial to airing Italian artists…), but there’s Scottish rock band The Temperance Movement with a special guest drummer, psychedelic prog from Matt Berry, at least one mention of Abba, and (cliché alert) lots more.