Europe’s Heartbeat: November’s Look At The Top Of The Continental Pops

If you missed this month’s radio broadcast of ‘Europe’s Heartbeat, no need to worry. Just head over to the website and listen again to an hour of music from across the continent… or look at the bottom of this blog post!

Last month’s show saw a focus on new releases and fun songs. This month it’s all about who’s reached Number One over the last few months. What is the sound of commercial European music at the moment? What’s caught the ear of the chart tastemakers? And which of the handful of new releases that I’ve picked could be due a big climb up the hit lists?

And for those of you expecting appearances from those who’s been in a certain Song Contest… you’ve got one appearance of a Norwegian act, one almost-an-appearance for Sweden (or is it Netflix?), and (If we’re very lucky) the interval act in Turin 2022.