Two OG Podcasters Yell At Clouds

Last month I sat down with Scotland’s other “first podcaster” Mark Hunter to… just talk. Naturally the microphones were open and the cameras were rolling. You can listen to the chat over on The Podcast Studio Glasgow’s podcast feed (or watch it embedded below from its YouTube channel.

It’s fair to say that as two of the very first podcasters back in 2005 we’ve seen a lot of changes across the industry. In the interview we talk about 2005’s promise of “giving up your day job”, how your listeners can support you in 2022, what worries us in the modern podcasting landscape, and the challenges the community currently faces.

We also took some time to talk about how we both started out podcasting, what we were hoping for, and what we thought of each other in the early days of the community.

You can find out more about the The Podcast Studio Glasgow (and book it yourself) here.