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For Sale “It’s The Sun Wot Dun ‘Im – Archer Is Locked Up” The Sun Locks up Jeffrey Archer

Packing up a huge amount of stuff here, with a lot of it going on Ebay. Here’s an interesting little souvenir that should find a good home. You remember where you were when JFK was shot by his wife, you remember where you were when Portillo lost his seat in the 1992 election. Now you can rellive the pleasure of the day Jeffrey Archer was declared guilty of perjury and sent to prison for his crimes, with the very edition of UK Tablod “The Sun” declaring “It’s The Sun Wot Dun Im!” Link: Ebay Auction Starting price is 20p (the

Astraware Joins All About Palm… Kind of

A big thanks to Howard Tomlinson. You’ll know him (probably) as the CEO of Astraware. He’s behind the programming of tiltes like Bejewelled, so can be blamed for a huge amount of lost time in any workplace that has a Palm Powered Device. Anyway, after talking extensivly with him at the PalmSource DevCon, he said he’d be happy to do some occassional articles about Palm OS if he had a suitable outlet – which is like holding a small pile of Acme catalouges up to a Coyote. The end result is his first article, a review of Orange’s Treo 650,

The Mobiles Podcast Show #02 is Posted

The second “Mobiles Show,” a podcast of Mobile Phone issues, is now online over on The Podcast Network. This show is the first of three or four shows from material Rafe and I recorded between us on the TGV down and home again, plus interviews of some of the big names that we could get a hold of. This show has spots from the Symbian Chairman, the UIQ CEO, The head of Forum Nokia, and one of the VP’s from Palmsource. Go grab the MP3, and tune in (as it were) for 45 minutes of techy radio talk show.