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Pathway to Glory Reviewed on All About N-Gage

There are times when I recieve N-Gage games to review where I think, oh god, not another one (case in point would be the lame attempt at Bomberman over the summer). But the package that arrived on Friday morning, direct from Finland, had me all excited. Pathway to Glory is, effectivly, Lasersquad in World War Two, over GPRS. I’ve a long and detailed review over on All About N-Gage and you should head there if you’ve never heard of Julian Gollop’s masterpieces. If you have heard of them, then guys, this isn;t by him but it’s just like all his

Fun-1 Breaks Its July Target

Fun-1, Jim and I’s “Stop Flooding #mobitopia with this Formula 1 Crap!” website is gather pace on the internet at a fantastic rate. We set a rather high target for the number of readers we wanted in July – that was 5,000 unique readers for the month. The final count is now in, and we’re delighted with our 5024 readers. So what’s the plan for August? Well I recon 7,000, Jim thinks 6,000, so we’ve split the difference and are now declaring the Fun-1 August Target is 6,500 unique readers. Given that there’s now a three week gap til the

What’s Been Happening at Fun-1

In the middle of May, Fun-1 announced itself to the Internet – Jim and I had been writing for it and posting links to the sideblog in “Lurk Mode” since early March, and we had passed round the temporary URL to friends to get their opinions of the site. But it was in the middle of May we moved to our real domain and started to try and get noticed. In those two weeks, we had just under 200 visitors to our site. So with a little bit of linking from some other small Formula 1 sites, we managed to