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Fun 1 Goes Live

Jim and I have been ‘piloting’ Fun 1 on Symbian Diaries for a few Formula One races now, and we’ve decided that (a) the internet needs a really good and funny Formula One blog and (b) we can do it. So please visit Fun 1 ( and join in our irreverant but pointed look at the Formula One scene. Jim and I are long time Formula One enthusiasts, who fortunately can see humour in most of the grey cut and thrust commercial world of today’s Formula One. Fun 1 isn’t a news site or even a particularly well informed editorial

What’s in My Gadget Bag?

Hey, who’s this bloke being interviewed by Gizmodo? Cripes it’s me!!! Ewan Spence takes the road less traveled, and he takes it often. Besides taking part in running All About Symbian, one of the largest community sites for Symbian Smartphones in the world, he’s also one of the people behind OPL, a keystone language (similar to QBasic) for Symbian OS. Not only that, but he’s helped set up FreEPOC as a programming team, and travels the world bringing OPL to the Symbian OS and the casual developer. Ewan brings a decidedly old-school flavor (some might even say retrograde) flavor with