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Windows Phone and the Unity engine

Unity arrived on Windows Phone 8 in October last year, and I spoke to Tony Garcia about the project’s past, present, and future, for All About Windows Phone: Unity has ensured that the Unity environment for Windows Phone offers the same facilities, tools, and code, as iOS and Android. The hard work to ensure the ‘author once, deploy anywhere’ concept applies equally well to the mobile platforms (BlackBerry 10 is also supported). Of course, there are always wrinkles, for example deploying to the Windows Phone Store is not the same as to the Apple App Store or Google Play, but

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Why do developers still need ‘Windows Phone 101’ at a Unity session?

Windows Phone launched in October 2010. Windows Phone 8 launched in October 2012, arguably with a similar UI experience. Given those time-frames, I’m astonished that Microsoft felt the need to spend twenty minutes during their presentation the Unity 2013 Developer Conference explaining what live tiles are, the integration in the People hub, and using ‘Kids Corner’. Assuming that the audience has no experience at all of Windows Phone probably says the wrong thing about the platform to the audience.

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