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Links from Wednesday 13th July 2005

How dare the BBC use their public service charter to expose over a million people to new music they would never consider buying? Of course, it’s the classical music labels who are shouting. Folks, it’s simple. Give someone confidence to explore a new genre and they will stay. No-one is going to gamble on buying nine symphonies at a tenner each just to see if they like it. Think long term and growing the market, not short term profits. Link: GeekNewsCentral Handango move to populate the TablePC Software space, and author Josh Einstein discovers how much of a percentage the

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Mame Controls

The day to day use of your Mame cabinet is going to be through the stick and buttons on the control panel, so you need to spend some time designing it and laying it out. For the moment, consider what games you think you’ll want to play, how many buttons you need to play each game, and if things like a trackball or spinner are going to be needed.

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