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Rovio reaches out to social media for Angry Brids levels as staff count is reduced

Let’s play join the dots. Firstly, Rovio costs 16% of the workforce, announced on October 2nd: Unfortunately, we also need to consider possible employee reductions of a maximum of 130 people in Finland (approximately 16% of workforce). Secondly, on October 4th Rovio launch a social media campaign asking the world to create new levels for their hit (only?) franchise Angry Birds Want to help design a level in the Number 1 app of all time? Want millions of people across the world play it? Well this is YOUR chance to #MakeTheNextLevel! …Send us your ideas as sketches, paintings or photos by

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The PSP is leaving the Japanese train station

As Sony retire the PSP in Japan, I look back at one of my favourite PSP franchises. To me, Densha De Go was the PSP. I’ve moved on to the PS Vita now — that was a Day Zero purchase on the strength of the PSP system, and again the long-lasting games are the ones that attract me (notably another Need for Speed, in this case Most Wanted, and Little Big Planet). But if there was one game (indeed franchise) that I think of when the PSP is mentioned, it’s Densha De Go. Read on at

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The economics of more new games, but no new gamers

Jeff Vogel boils down the indie gaming debate (on PC) to a simple equation: X dollars, Y developers. That’s all that matters. And if X stays constant, the only way to solve the problem is for Y to go down. I’ll give you a second to work out the consequences of that for yourself. He’s done a wonderful piece on the whole ecosystem, but it does come down to more new games, no new gamers.

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