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Tiger Woods Multiplayer Lacks Players

I’m reviewing “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004” for All About N-Gage (review to be posted by the end of the week) and I’m testing the Arena Functionality. They promise that you can play any opponent in the world over GPRS. Which is great, apart from one thing… …I’ve been logging on over the last few days and seen maybe 3 people at most waiting to play a game. Last night I had to wait 20 minutes for an opponent. Surely, with all the coding that goes into these games, it wouldn’t be too difficult to code up a ‘bot to

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Gamecube Primer

Right then, through Gaming Headlines, I’ve been looking at the N-Gage from a purely gaming perspective (which is actually quite different to the all-encompassing view that I take over at All About N-Gage). It’s refreshingly differnt. So much so that they’ve asked if I can look at one of the areas where they’re needing another writer. The Nintendo Gamecube. Now the last true home console I has was… well… I’ve never had a home console. I’ve got the traditional Gameboy, a Mame Cabinet, and growing up my sister had a NES Famicom (and two games, one was Dizzy from the

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Mame Controls

The day to day use of your Mame cabinet is going to be through the stick and buttons on the control panel, so you need to spend some time designing it and laying it out. For the moment, consider what games you think you’ll want to play, how many buttons you need to play each game, and if things like a trackball or spinner are going to be needed.

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