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Music and Video Games, Emotion and Culture, all in one gig

Video Games Live is back in the UK, and Metro has a fabulous interview with their leader, Tommy Tallarico: When I was 10-years-old it was 1977 and Star Wars came out. And when I heard that music and heard that orchestra that’s what got me interested in orchestral music. We didn’t have the Internet back then so I went down to the library and started reading these interviews and articles about this John Williams guy and he would talk about Beethoven and Mozart and then I’d go and rent a record from the library about who’s this Beethoven guy? And

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Flappy Bird on the ZX81

Bob’s Stuff has a rather interesting release: Everybody seems to be going crazy over Flappy Bird at the moment, and a lot of clones have instantly appeared on the market – so why not one for the ZX81? Written in an afternoon to captialise on the media frenzy, it’s got all the gameplay of the original, but none of the in-app adverts which have been making the author so much money recently – but you can always use the Donate button on the home and download pages to make me rich! Looking at the screenshots, I suspect that only really

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Just how much of a financial cliff did Rovio drive off with Angry Birds Go?

Jon Jordan puts some numbers on the launch and the income of Rovio’s (rather greedy) freemium karting cart game, Angry Birds Go. While the launch period saw the title perform well, it’s been dropping quickly away from the top of the app downloads and earned revenue charts: Yet as most of the graphs show, the key concern for Rovio will be that while Angry Birds Go! has launched very well in terms of its first three weeks, it’s now tracking downwards in terms of top grossing chart position, particularly on the more volatile App Store. Lots of graphs and stats to

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