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Sony Wins The iPhone 7 Content War

I’m not sure if Sony’s decision to reveal the new PlayStation hardware today and force a head-to-head with Apple’s reveal of the iPhone 7 family is a suicidal marketing move or a tactical masterstroke, but I’m leaning towards the latter. Although the iPhone is going to dominate the digital pages (and is likely to make the main evening news bulletins on television and radio around the world) there’s always going to be a hunger for the story that isn’t about Tim Cook showing off a new iPhone that looks and acts remarkably like last year’s iPhone. With the reveal of

The PS Vita’s First Death

I think it’s been a good run for the PS Vita, and it’s ability to offer third-party titles and act as a remote station for the PS4 means it still have a lot of utility (and a great back catalogue), but Sony’s SVP Massyasu Ito confirms that there are no first-party titles in production for the portable console. Ito told the Japanese gaming website 4Gamer (translated by DualShockers) that “first-party studios have no titles in development for PS Vita,” confirming what many have suspected and feared for a while now. According to the senior vice president, Sony Computer Entertainment’s game

The PSP is leaving the Japanese train station

As Sony retire the PSP in Japan, I look back at one of my favourite PSP franchises. To me, Densha De Go was the PSP. I’ve moved on to the PS Vita now — that was a Day Zero purchase on the strength of the PSP system, and again the long-lasting games are the ones that attract me (notably another Need for Speed, in this case Most Wanted, and Little Big Planet). But if there was one game (indeed franchise) that I think of when the PSP is mentioned, it’s Densha De Go. Read on at

Old Time Podcasters, The Playstation Show, and the evolving Vita Voices.

Back in 2006 I started another podcast, The Playstation Show, which would be a short weekly podcast on the Sony Playstation Portable. It slowed down a bit in 2011, but never really went away. With the PS Vita on the way, I decided in January that it needed to be brought “up to the boil” for the year (and in the process helping me keep abreast of the portable gaming world – all the more important as it becomes an interesting battleground in the smartphone world). The show got a little bit of a rethink, moving away from a news-bulletin