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I’ll Be Hosting Overnight General Election Results Coverage

When the snap General Election was called in May, I wrote at the time that my first thought was about the result. Or at least how to cover the result. It was this. “I need to get behind a microphone to do the results show from 10pm on June 8th.” Since then I’ve been working on how to do just that, from finding studio facilities, co-hosts, guests, statisticians, the odd politician or two, and some broadcast partners. I’m delighted to announce that I will be hosting a General Election Results show on Thursday night… not only will you be able

Planning A New Kind Of UK General Election Results Show – Can You Help?

Tuesday’s announcement of a General Election in the UK for June 8th caught me a little by surprise and set off a riot of emotions. I tend not to talk about politics too much online, so many of the thoughts I had yesterday are mine, or for friends and family. But I’ll happily tell you my very first thought, because it’s one you can all help with. “I need to get behind a microphone to do the results show from 10pm on June 8th.” I’ve anchored a number of overnight election shows on community radio here in Edinburgh since 2010. These

The Top Forty countdown, with only our favourite songs, moves to Friday

I don’t listen regularly to the Top 40 any more, so its move to Friday afternoon instead of Sunday evening is just another “well, back in my day” to add to my brain, but one thing I loved (and still love) about the Top 40 is that no matter what the song was, it was always played in the countdown. It was one of the few chances to bypass the pluggers and pickers of the national pop music station and get airplay. Be it Status Quo, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, or that year’s winning Eurovision Song Contest, if it made the Top

Should Breakfast Radio Be Short Spots Or Longer Features

Some interesting thoughts via Media.Info on breakfast radio and why common perceptions and styles don’t match up to the data: New data analysis based on millions of listener movements from the official Scandinavian PPM ratings systems show that this long-standing model has too rigid a focal point. Only half of listeners on Scandinavian airwaves leave their homes during the breakfast show and during the 6 AM to 9 AM period the in-home listeners heavily outnumber listeners on the go.

When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease

Seymour Quigley: We weren’t related, and we weren’t close friends; I can’t tell you what motivated him, what kind of a husband or father he was, or how many sugars he had in his tea. But the simple fact is that John Peel, who passed away ten years ago this month, saved my life. The internet may have allowed more music to be heard by more people, and reduced the barrier of entry, but we still need a curator.