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Ninety minutes with Doctor Who’s new show runner Chris Chibnall

The announcement of Chris Chibnall as the exec behind Doctor Who after Steven Moffat leaves has left many feeling dazed and confused… mostly because everyone remembers the Torchwood rush-job that was Cyberwoman, and forgets that he also wrote Adrift…. and launched Law and Order UK… and did Broadchurch… So if you’re at all curious about what he could bring to Doctor Who, may I suggest this in-depth interview with him from Danny Stack’s ‘Scriptwriters in the UK’ podcast. Recorded in May last year it talks about his approach to writing, TV production, and show-running… Listen carefully and you can pull

From The Sublime… To The Cliffhanger

I know there are a million ‘media/sci-fi/genre‘ podcasts out there, but here’s another reason to listen and subscribe to ‘From The Sublime‘… I’m making an appearance this fortnight! FTS (because every good show needs to have a good abreviation) is hosted by Iain Hepburn, and works on a magazine-style format, with discrete topics introduced and presented as monologues from Hepburn and his “finely honed fighting force.” Yes, it’s ‘Nationwide for Nerds’, with just a little bit more attitude than Frank Bough. Anyway, Hepburn asked if I would take a swing at a topic for the current episode, and I decided

The Amazon Review Doctor Is Starting

Gotta love Amazon. They put the Doctor Who Season 8 DVD up for pre-order while Peter Capaldi’s first season is still being filmed) to grab the orders and lock them in. And everyone starts to review the DVD that isn’t yet available: Personally, I think that a lot of the excitement about this series is motivated by nostalgia, but I must admit it’s one of the best out of the second 50 years of Doctor Who history… Although the decision to replace Jenna-Louise Coleman mid-season with David Tennant playing the same role is still regarded as highly controversial, his performance

Why do writers who hate a topic get assigned that topic in the mainstream media?

Toby Hadoke addresses some issues he has with the media’s coverage of television, actors, terminology, and ultimately about the lack of respect for the profession and the art: Revelling in ignorance about the medium you write about seems bizarre – especially when such ignorance is used to recommend somebody but, with a little implicit criticism, keep them in their place at the same time (and to what end – apart from to make the journalist look clever?). Looking clever feels terrific when you’re reviewing something, and it’s fantastic if you can enliven your prose with a witty barb or sparkly

The Doctor Who origins documentary is the perfect cover… for Doctor Who

David Bradley will play William Hartnell (playing ‘The Doctor’, not ‘the First Doctor’, because Hartnell never played the character as able to regenerate until Tenth Planet) in the BBC’s dramatisation of the origins of Doctor Who. I’d assume they’ll have David Bradley in costume as Hartnell’s Doctor at some point, and there’s sure to be a ‘money shot’ of the original TARDIS set. Which means if the 50th anniversary does need an appearance from another Doctor, and his TARDIS, would anyone notice the modern era team sneaking in with Matt Smith to do some filming at midnight? Alongside Bradley?