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‘The Touch’ becomes ‘Warrior’

Stan Bush’s career shows the power of a single hit song. Since ‘The Touch’ in 1986 pushed him into pop culture and the hearts of millions of fans, he’s re-iterated the same song style over and over… and over again. And why not? Part of being a creative is realising  when you are in the  middle of ‘a good thing’ and it’s not getting any better. Because it’s really hard to listen to his latest track ‘Warrior‘ without thinking of his classic.

When Lego Batman beats Superman V Batman

Scott Mendelson reviews ‘Batman V Superman’ for Forbes: The best moments of Dawn of Justice resemble nothing less than a feature length adaptation of a series of Alex Ross paintings in all their naturalistic glory. But amid the visual treats is an utter mess of thinly sketched characters, haphazard plotting, surprisingly jumbled action, and “cut your nose to spite your face” world building. It’s not a success either as a stand-alone Man of Steel sequel or a would-be kick-off to the DC Extended Universe, and attempts to insert Batman and his Super Friends do real damage to the story and thus

Michael Mann’s Heat, twenty years (and two months) later…

Jennifer Wood’s extensive look at Michael Mann’s ‘Heat’ has been sitting in my ‘must read pile’ for a few weeks now, but I’ve finally got around to it. It’s fascinating, and Heath is a film that I appreciate more every time I watch it. It’s far more than a heist movie, even if it remains one of the best heist movies of all time. Rather than usually grab an ‘oooh that’s nice‘ paragraph I’ll stick to Wood’s opening: After one false start as the 1989 television pilot-turned-movie L.A. Takedown, Mann eventually realized that he had the ending of the movie all wrong.

Let’s play ‘Spot the Edit’ with OK Go

The fun thing (okay, one of many fun things) about OK Go’s latest video is that it’s a three minute long video filmed in zero-go thanks to an aircraft flying in a parabola. Which gives you thirty or forty seconds of zero-g at most. That means there must be at least four ‘edit points’ in the video of ‘Upside Down & Inside Out‘ to take out the thirty seconds of extra-g. Everyone will need to be sitting, securely holding on, or masked by a suitcase. The caption is right, it’s all real, but there’s some old fashioned editing at work (just

Blackstar album art available under Creative Commons licence

The start artwork for David Bowie’s towering album ‘Blackstar’ is now available under a Creative Commons licence for personal and non-commercial purposes. Designer Jonathan Barnbrook: So in the spirit of openness and in remembrance of David we are releasing the artwork elements of his last album ? (Blackstar) to download here free under a Creative Commons NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence. That means you can make t-shirts for yourself, use them for tattoos, put them up in your house to remember David by and adapt them too, but we would ask that you do not in any way create or sell commercial products with

The internet, the news industry, and the art of the obituary

With January taking its toll on the list of famous people that many people love, Dave Lee’s look at the heady mix of celebrity death and how the internet changes the reporting of notable deaths is very much relevant (even if it was posted late last year): Most conventions in journalism have been dragged kicking and screaming into the modern era. Many an old-timer’s heart has been broken when traffic analysis shows that a three-month long investigation (3,000 words) has been completely overlooked by readers in favour of a numbered list of something far less important. The trick, of course, is to