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SXSW 2009 And Why I’m Going to All Three Conferences

There isn’t a huge amount of doubt, but I’ve got enough dominoes lined up to say with confidence that I’ll be at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, running from March 13th to the 22nd. SXSW is of course three festivals, an Interactive festival, a Film festival, and a Music festival… which pretty much hits every base that I like to talk about and get involved with. For the third year running, I’ll be attending all three conferences; and counting the number of times that “why don’t the Music industry listen to us” said at Interactive is balanced by “why

Let Us Welcome The Daily Mail to 2006

Remember the heady days, when Twitter had just launched, and we all had no idea what it was and why people would be interested in the small talk and conversations we could have? You know, before SXSW Interactive 2007 when suddenly it became clear (at least to those from the SF Valley)? Well The Daily Mail is wondering that just now, and has not only discovered that ‘most of their posts would be worthy of the most tedious dinner-arty bore,’ but that some people making these posts… are celebrities! While the A-List are sure to splutter into their frappucinos and