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The internet, the news industry, and the art of the obituary

With January taking its toll on the list of famous people that many people love, Dave Lee’s look at the heady mix of celebrity death and how the internet changes the reporting of notable deaths is very much relevant (even if it was posted late last year): Most conventions in journalism have been dragged kicking and screaming into the modern era. Many an old-timer’s heart has been broken when traffic analysis shows that a three-month long investigation (3,000 words) has been completely overlooked by readers in favour of a numbered list of something far less important. The trick, of course, is to

What was the first practical use of AR?

There’s a strong argument that the first piece of AR in live television was the yellow ‘must reach here’ line in American Football. With four goes to move the ball at least ten years, the yellow line on the screen showed where the ball had to reach… even if the camera was moving, and of course it couldn’t obscure the players. A digital line, on the ground, and everyone able to stand on top of it. Sports Illustrated looks at the line: Everything started with a simple yellow line. On September 27, 1998, Sportvision debuted its yellow first down marker

Ninety minutes with Doctor Who’s new show runner Chris Chibnall

The announcement of Chris Chibnall as the exec behind Doctor Who after Steven Moffat leaves has left many feeling dazed and confused… mostly because everyone remembers the Torchwood rush-job that was Cyberwoman, and forgets that he also wrote Adrift…. and launched Law and Order UK… and did Broadchurch… So if you’re at all curious about what he could bring to Doctor Who, may I suggest this in-depth interview with him from Danny Stack’s ‘Scriptwriters in the UK’ podcast. Recorded in May last year it talks about his approach to writing, TV production, and show-running… Listen carefully and you can pull

The secrets behind the greatest daytime TV show

I’m not sure if Low Culture’s detailed look at ‘Homes Under The Hammer‘ is genuine, a tongue in cheek pastiche of geek-chic fandom, a disgruntled writer given the worst SEO assignment in the world, or a mix of all three. I’m sure that it’s a fabulously inventive piece of writing: Ridiculously, it’s unlikely that any of Hammer will ever get a DVD release. I know, right? Luckily, this does have a bright side – it means the show is covered by a blanket licence agreement for music, and they can play pretty much anything they like, so the researchers like

The X-Files goes British

The real secret of the new ‘The X-Files‘ series is not that it’s a special event, not that it’s a limited run, it’s just that ‘The X-Files‘ is ahead of its time (again) and decided that the UK model of six-episode seasons is the best way forwards. Of course that’s not mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter’s ‘Oral History’ of the revived series, but it’s still a great weekend read on the world of television. When ‘The X-Files’ Became A-List: An Oral History of Fox’s Out-There Success Story

Disney’s Cowboy Bebop

It’s taken me a while to get round to Disney XD’s Star Wars animation ‘Star Wars: Rebels‘, partly because I’d ignored the Clone Wars series, but also because there was another Star Wars episode to see last year all the focus was on that. So it was a delight to settle down with Rebels and discover a almost piratical crew led by rough-edged Jedi with amazing gun control and close-quarters fighting skill, a heavily muscular ‘Second Mate’, a feminine sharpshooter, a street-wise urchin, and a cute puppy-like droid that knows far more than it tells. That crew sound awfully familiar