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The Back To The Future Hoax

I know, I’m adding to all the mess of bandwagon-jumping today, but Buzzfeed’s article on the man who told the internet that Back To The Future Part 2 was July 5 2010… and the internet believed him. Being first to a juicy factoid like Future Day could result in a big tweet, and that meant new followers, new readers. Without resources, scoops at Total Film were rare, and we often had to rely on bigger publications to source news. I could have googled. I should have googled. But being first was more important. Sometimes when a mad professor turns up

The Martian Go-Pro

Part of the footage in ‘The Martian’ film (which I’ve still to see, I know) is actually from the Go-Pro cameras dotted around the set, just like the International Space Station has a few of the cameras as well. Scott ended up using footage from the GoPros—they were all actually recording when Damon was speaking into them—in the final cut of the film. The GoPros, which us Earthlings tend to use to record extreme sports, or other exciting life events, become like security cameras—capturing the monotony of Watney’s Martian life from fly-0n-the-wall angles, as well as confidants. Just one more

Reviewing ‘How Come Aquaman Can Control Whales?’

Normally The Verge reviews technology and lifestyle products, but there’s also a dash of media in the mix. That means ‘The Martian’ is clearly in the website’s remit, and Bryan Bishop has examined Ridley Scott’s remake of ‘Robinson Crusoe on Mars’ the self-publishing SF hit of the decade: It’s like Apollo 13 meets Cast Away, and in many ways The Martian plays like two entirely different movies. One follows NASA’s director of Mars missions, Vincent Kapoor (Chiwetel Ejiofor), as he learns that Watney is alive, and then wrangles support from the agency’s director (Jeff Daniels — that Will McAvoy Newsroom

The BBC Hide Iron Maiden Away After Topping The Charts

Iron Maiden’s ‘The Book Of Souls‘ album came out last week, and went straight to the top of the UK album charts. I’m sure everyone will be glad to see them showcased on the BBC’s news page… Picture of the number one single act (The Jacksons, who were playing Proms In The Park, which was convenient)…. picture of last week’s number one single act (Justin Bieber)… banner advert for the Chart Show… No Iron Maiden. PS: I still can’t get used to the charts coming out on a Friday…