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Sony halts production on final MiniDisc units

Farewell Minidisc (and Sony really mean it this time) as the desk-bound units join the portable units in being taken off the manufacturing line. “Sound engineers and media professionals loved to use it to record samples, jingles and interviews – it’s very easy to use MiniDisc equipment to edit audio on the fly – and they continue to stockpile the players and disks,” [says Chris Green]. Sony ended shipments of its MiniDisc portable Walkman players in 2011. The decision to halt production of MD-based hi-fi systems effectively marks its exits from the sector, although it will continue to make the cartridges. For

Sony’s Blu-Ray Format Battle on the Shoulders of Betamax and Mini-Disc

Just before the weekend, Warner’s announcement that they were dropping support for HD-DVD in favour of Blu-Ray in the high definition video format ‘war’ made some waves as CES approached. But I think the reaction from Toshiba (the main consumer company behind HD-DVD) and the HD-DVD’s association is telling. By canceling their press conference and media briefings at CES, to all intent’s and purposes the battle is over, Blu-Ray won out, and Sony finally have a mass-media format that they’ve always wanted. The timing of the announcement left the HD-DVD camp almost no room to maneuver. They were either going

Even More Thumbs Up…

If one tiny thing has made travelling immeasurably easier on the nerves, it has to be my set up Super Fi.5 Pro headphones from Ultimate Ears. These little beauties have to be the best set of headphones I have heard. Ever. They’re small, in-ear, phones, with an interchangeable silicon tip to ensure a perfect fit. They drop any external noise to quieter than my breathing, so they’re passive noise cancelling. If that was all they did, I’d be happy, but the sound reproduction is immense. It would be fair to say that on first listening to AC/DC through these, compared

How Stuff Works: My Podcasting Setup

After hundreds (okay, two) requests for details on what I’/m using and what’s on view in the Flickr picture of my home setup, here’s a quick list and some notes on what I’m using. Behringer Eurorack UB802 Mixing Desk Often described as “the podcasters weapon of choice” this little mixing desk retails for about £50 (but can be found on Ebay for £30 plus postage from reputable sellers). It has two microphone channels that provide phantom power for condenser mics, and then space for two more stereo input devices. A good equalizer, pan and FX controls, and you’re all set