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Let’s Get Ready To Rock!!!

It’s Friday, it must be time for… The Rock Show! Yep, my final podcast ‘show’ for the moment (alongside production and hosting of The Mobiles Show and co-hosting The Movies Show). Podsafe music in a 30 minute MP3 show, full of the best undiscovered, unsigned and unknown bands in the world, all for you. Enjoy!

Sony Minidisc and Podcasting

Yeah I’m the Cassandra who shouts MiniDisc isn’t dead, it’s just misunderstood. And in the last few weeks as I put in place things with TPN, and listening to podcasts from around the globe, I’ve found (unsurprisingly, with hindsight) that the whole MiniDisc system is almost perfect for Podcasting – not just listening, but the whole listening, recording, and making your own Podcast. Read on…

The Mobiles Podcast Show #02 is Posted

The second “Mobiles Show,” a podcast of Mobile Phone issues, is now online over on The Podcast Network. This show is the first of three or four shows from material Rafe and I recorded between us on the TGV down and home again, plus interviews of some of the big names that we could get a hold of. This show has spots from the Symbian Chairman, the UIQ CEO, The head of Forum Nokia, and one of the VP’s from Palmsource. Go grab the MP3, and tune in (as it were) for 45 minutes of techy radio talk show.

Cameron Writes Down The TPN Vision

Cameron Reilly puts it in white and black on his blog: By the end of 2005, our goal is to have 100 shows in TPN, with an average global audience of 100,000 listeners. We are going to spend the next 12 months building a slate of great shows and making it easy as possible for people to produce, distribute and listen to great podcasts. I’ll just add one point to his post – both Cam and Mick are doing one other thing that’s going to bring them and their partners success. They’re surrounding themselves with “Can Do” people who know