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The Edinburgh Skyline

Welcome To The Fifteenth Year Of Podcasting The Edinburgh Fringe

August in Edinburgh means it’s Festival time, which includes the Fringe. And with the Fringe comes my annual podcast and radio show from Scotland’s capital. For those of you already subscribed to the podcast, you’ll find the traditional prologue episode for the year is now available in the RSS Feed. For those of you not familiar with Daniel Cainer’s ‘Edinburgh’ song you can head to the main website, find the show in iTunes, or add the RSS feed to your app. As always the show is produced with Radio Six International, so you can hear it online every Saturday with

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Reviewing The Reviewers At The Fringe

With its tounge slightly in cheek, FringePig has award its first “ham-fisted” award for “the Fringe reviewer who most misunderstood what they were looking at.” to The List’s Graeme Connelly for his review of Stuat Goldsmith’s show: Graeme wins for his stunning use of bathos. In his review of ‘Stuart Goldsmith: An Hour‘ he worships at the feet of Goldsmith for several paragraphs, and then ends with three stars. It’s a simple formula, but a winning one. The funniest reviews are often the simplest. Connelly receives the staggering sum of £50 which, we are told, can buy a very brief sensation

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What comes after the Fringe podcast? Edinburgh Nights!

I might have hinted at this near the end of my thoughts looking back at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe podcast. I had a blast doing the show, which this year was recorded and broadcast live on Castle FM as well as going out as a podcast through the usual RSS powered sources. When the Fringe was over, the time-slot on the FM dial was still open, so it felt natural to keep the one hour format of music and intervews going, but with some tweaks to fit the landscape in Edinburgh for the other 11 months of the year. So

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Looking back on the Edinburgh Fringe 2013 Podcasts

And that, as they say, was the Fringe. Everyone is going over their August performances, from the Fringe office to the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre. Let’s do the same with the Edinburgh Fringe podcast. This was the ninth year of the daily podcast from the Capital, with music, guests, and Fringe news, bringing as many different facets of the Fringe as possible to the show. Not just the comedy, or the theatre, but the whole smash. In short, if you were at the Fringe, it was a backstage pass. If you weren’t, my goal was to make you as

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The ‘Super Showcase Saturday’ from the Fringe

[audio:] The final weekend of the Fringe, just three nights left to see many of the shows (although some will finish tonight, so check the times at As for the podcast, let’s have some extra interviews to kick off your Saturday. With David Quirk, Michael Che, Superbard, Bobby Mair, Ian Smith, and Ben Champion.

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The final FM show of the Fringe

[audio:] Our final live show on Castle FM with guests from around Edinburgh, in the studio, playing on the CD, and more. It might be the end of this part of the Fringe, but you still have a few more days in Edinburgh to take in some amazing shows. With John Hinton (Relativitivity Speaking), Natalia Koliada (Trash Cuisine), Caroline Sniatynski (I Want To Tell You Something), and Daniel Cainer (Schtick and Spiel).

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