Category: Edinburgh Fringe

The final FM show of the Fringe

[audio:] Our final live show on Castle FM with guests from around Edinburgh, in the studio, playing on the CD, and more. It might be the end of this part of the Fringe, but you still have a few more days in Edinburgh to take in some amazing shows. With John Hinton (Relativitivity Speaking), Natalia Koliada (Trash Cuisine), Caroline Sniatynski (I Want To Tell You Something), and Daniel Cainer (Schtick and Spiel).

The Fringe podcast where I mention Firefly

[audio:] Onwards with the Fringe, with music, special guests, surprise appearances, and an answer to the Davison/Troughton debate that’s pretty definitive, at least from my point of view. With Jennifer Lusk (Who Do You Think You Are), News Revue 2013, Fraser Millward, Sandy Brechin, and Tim Fitzhigham.

The Fringe podcast where we can’t mention the war

[audio:] Into the last week of the Fringe, with eight full days and nights of performances to take in – and even at this late stage that’s more than Glastonbury. Twice. A delve inthe nature of the Fringe today with reluctant talk show hosts, returning retirees, reality show hopefuls, and trying to work out how to pronounce Reichstadt. With John Fleming, Ian Kendall, Suzy Bennett, and Frank Sanazi.

Some Fringe podcasting that might be a bit risky to run on the radio

[audio:] And now it’s time for something a little racey for Sunday, or at least interviews that might not be suitable for the airwaves of 98.8 Castle FM across Edinburgh! Just the interviews today, so let’s focus on the artists and head into the Fringe. With Eric Davis, Bob Slayer, Gary Beadle (The Room In The Elephant), and Cassette Boy vs. DJ Rubbish.