Category: Edinburgh Fringe

As the weekend starts, the Fringe podcast continues on its daily schedule

[audio:] The ‘big’ weekend approaches, with tickets to be sold, new fans and friends to be made, award judges to be impressed, all while trying to avoid the thought that there are still ten days left to go. With Jess Abrams (Cat Stevens Reconstructed), Brydie Lee-Kennedy and Courtney Powell (Sugar and Vice), Owen O’Neil and Dave Johns (The Shawshank Redemption), and Karin Danger (Hot Box).

The Fringe podcast where the studio went ‘blue screen of death’ on me

[audio:] Today’s podcast was going great until Will Seaward turned up. I had a game of ‘Will or Will’ ready to play… and then the studio computers wen BSOD on me… the tape kept rolling though! With Gary Delaney, No Prophet Theatre (‘Boys’), Lior, and Will Seaward.

All the variety of the Fringe, in an hour of podcasting

[audio:] Today’s Fringe podcast was a mix of live interviews in the Castle FM studios, on-location interviews from over the weekend, and music submitted by many of the performers at this year’s Fringe. Hopefully it’s bringing a great feel of the variety on offer in Edinburgh during August to you! Guests today are Lee Camp (a US comic), Hedluv and Passman (Cornish rappers), Claire Cunningham and Gail Sneddon (co-directors of this year’s National Theatre Scotland show, Mènage à Trois), and Tamar Broadbent (from the musical stand up show, Almost Epic).

This year’s ‘Children of the Fringe’ Podcast

[audio:] Who better to interview the stars of the children’s shows at the Fringe than my daughters Eilidh and Mairi? Yes, it’s the annual podcast where the children interview the children’s shows at the Fringe. With Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs, Drum Struck, Bec and Toms Awesome Laundry, Morgan and West, Father Christmas Needs A Wee, Help My Supply Teacher Is Magic, and I Believe In Unicorns.

The Fringe podcast with the people who can’t get down to the studio

[audio:] Time for a Saturday special on the Fringe podcast. While we’re broadcasting live on Castle FM Monday through Friday, not every guest can make it down to the radio studio. That leaves a lot of stories around the Fringe that still need to be told, so this year we’ll be heading into Edinburgh with the podcast microphone to bring you Carey Marx, Death Ship 666!, Ben Moor, and Darts Wives.