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Podcasts about the Eurovision Song Contest

On Publishing Five Hundred Podcasts

Last Friday saw one of the moments where numbers conspired to mean something. Over on ESC Insight, I posted the five hundredth episode of my Eurovision Song Contest podcast. There was nothing particularly special about the contents, it was a regular episode of ‘ESC Insight News’, covering the last two weeks of news in the world of the Song Contest. The only concessions to the episode number was a sad party twizzler sound effect at the end of the show, and the subtle use of a Fiat 500 as the key image in the post and shared social images. And while

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Some thoughts on podcasting and what engages me

Last week I had the opportunity to experience podcasting from the other side, as a listener looking in to a world and being guided by experts on the other side of my headphones, and it remind me just how powerful podcasting can be when it finds the right environment. The event was the 24 Heures du Mans, and my guides were the team at Radio Le Mans. In the build up to the event they previewed the four classes of cars that were racing, reported daily on the practices around the circuit, covered the scrutineering, the damp fizzle that was

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On reaching two hundred episodes of the Eurovision Insight Podcast

I’ve been involved with a number of long-running podcasts (and a few ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ shorter run shows), but I wanted to take a moment to watch the episode counter tick over and reach ‘200’ on my Eurovision Song Contest podcast (iTunes link). That’s a lot of weekly shows (although for the two weeks leading up to the Contest in May it does switch to a daily schedule) and looking back on the path it has taken me on, I’m really proud of them all. I didn’t do anything ‘special’ for this show as it’s

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Judging this year’s Eurovision Songs on the Juke Box Jury

As in previous years, the majority of my thoughts about The Eurovision Song Contest will be found on ESC Insight ( Rather than daily news about the Contest, an area well served by many sights, ESC Insight looks at some of the issues in more depth – think of it like a Sunday newspaper compared to the daily news of sites such as ESCxtra. Alongside the articles from myself, a core writing team of three others, and a number of regular contributors, it’s also the home of my Unofficial Eurovision Song Contest Podcast. There’s enough Eurovision news throughout the year for a

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Junior Eurovision 2011 and the first Juke Box Jury round

There’s another Eurovision Song Contest around the corner (Junior Eurovision will be on Dec 3rd, and broadcast from Yerevan, Armenia). Leading up to the contest, the traditional preview shows on the Eurovision podcast will be running, but this time the regular guests on Juke Box Jury have been stood down. It’s Junior Eurovision, so that means Junior Juke Box Jury and the kids from Duncan Place deciding on a Hit, Miss, or Maybe. [audio:] Round 1 has the songs from hosts Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belgium. As always, more fun and games at ESC Insight, along with a bundle of

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