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Research in Motion is dead, long live BlackBerry

James Whatley rounds up some points about the BlackBerry 10 launch today. In summary… Two phones, Android apps, terrible BBC appearance, Android apps (really), it’s “quite good”, RIM is now BlackBerry, and the NotAt3GSM meeting will have some samples for people to play with on Feb 28th. I’m hopeful that a review unit will be on its way to Edinburgh, and I’ll let you know my thoughts when and if I have something substantive.

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Developers, Blackberry 10, and my reaction to a Cnet story

And here’s where it starts to get interesting for Cnet. There’s a great interview today with Alec Saunders on Cnet today, where he talks about the challenges of getting developers on board and apps in the store ready for the launch of the new BlackBerry 10 devices in a week or two. Now RIM has has to win back consumers who have long abandoned their BlackBerrys for iPhones and Android devices. It’s planning a media blitz,├é┬ácomplete with Super Bowl commercial. At the same time, BlackBerry has to compete against another upstart mobile operating system, Windows Phone by Microsoft, which is

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