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Say goodbye to your Facebook Credits

The monetary value isn’t going away, but Facebook Credits, the social network’s universal currency of the last year or two, is being transferred into the local currency of the users. That’s probably a good thing. Facebook need to decide where to focus their energies on, and I don’t think the answer was a new currency and a 30% rake. The answer is mobile. I’d expect the investment to carry on with the Facebook Home project and lots of iteration.

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Facebook Home review shows the ultimate goal… time

That said, I find it very telling that even this infrequent Facebook user found himself interacting with status updates instead of doing other stuff on my phone — Home radically increased my Facebook usage. If Facebook makes good on its promise to release monthly updates and these updates can significantly increase the basic utility of the homescreen, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see a lot of people start using it. That’s what Zuckerberg needs… Facebook Home has you interacting with Facebook more often, and for longer periods of time, on your mobile. Stop looking for deeper reasons, the

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When will Facebook do their compatibility break from MySQL?

Facebook has the problem faced by many start-ups, which is when to deal with the "we’re too big for MySQL" issue. Or how to deal with it and not cause major headaches. Essentially they’re going through something almost every OS platform has to deal with – when to do the low level compatibility break, and how many legacy emulation layers do you provide. Answers on a status update, please.

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