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Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S5

I’ve spent some time with the Samsung’s Galaxy S5 (and the Gear 2 smartwatch), and the three-part review can be found over on Forbes. Last year’s Galaxy S4 felt a safe bet of a device. It continued Samsung’s smartphone plans, and the familiarity helped the sales. Iterating the Galaxy S5 was the easy option that would ensure nobody’s job was at risk. Like a Ford pick-up truck, this smartphone is a workhorse that gets the job done. That approach trades the impact of a fashionable and cutting edge device, it trades away the idea that you are an innovator and

The story of the Pebble that started an avalanche of smartwatches

Smartwatchfans (or should that be Smartwatch Central to follow all the other sites?) takes a look back at the Pebble smartwatch in a ‘story so far…’ article: Earlier attempts at making watches smarter, everything from the classic Casio calculator watch to the Sony Ericsson MBW series, didn’t do it for Migicovsky. They simply didn’t do enough. Inspired by pen computers like the Newton, Psion, and the Palm Pilot, and their eventual convergence with smartphones, Migicovsky felt there was a place for a device that was even more convenient. He wanted something that could take on a subset of tasks and