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Armando Iannuci sneaks in another satirical jab…

Even in an interview about Alpha Pappa with an off-top question on Doctor Who, the scottish writer’s still got it: But what if children stumble across Thick of It repeats and get upset that Doctor Who is swearing at them? Under the government’s new web restrictions, I imagine every family will have the opportunity to say no to The Thick of It being available on their internet provider.

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Why do prospective artists need a plan B when lawyers don’t?

Musiciain Blake Morgan, writing about his time at a school’s careers day: The students’ faces lit up with curiosity. I added, “I hope you don’t listen to those other voices. I hope instead you listen to your own. That voice from inside you that guided you here today. I hope you go for it, with abandon and furious joy, and that you do so without a Plan B.” Immediately, the teacher stood up and said, “No, no no…that’s wrong. You should always have a Plan B. Don’t listen to him, that’s not right.” She walked towards me to cut me

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Owls versus Drones

If Amazon can get the US PR machine worked up over drones, then the British have the answer. Owl Post. Waterstones explains more about their new service they hope to have in the future… Q. Isn’t this just what they did in Harry Potter? A: Yes, this is exactly what they did in Harry Potter. You’re asking that as if this is a bad thing. Q: Isn’t this how Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds began? A: The Birds is fiction, this is the real world. Everything will be fine. Q: But aren’t you worried about the owls developing intelligence and using the knowledge

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