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Choose the right tool for your work

I’m approaching my one year anniversary of owning a MacBook, and I’m incredibly happy with the service it has given me. I still have my HP laptop on my work desk as the day-to-day machine, but the MacBook Pro 13 has been the tool I’ve used when travelling, when away covering events such as SXSW and Eurovision, and for a decent amount of use around the house as well. But last July the MacBook Pro had one main goal to fulfil – and I’m glad to say that no matter how much fun I am having with other areas, the

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Some thoughts on podcasting and what engages me

Last week I had the opportunity to experience podcasting from the other side, as a listener looking in to a world and being guided by experts on the other side of my headphones, and it remind me just how powerful podcasting can be when it finds the right environment. The event was the 24 Heures du Mans, and my guides were the team at Radio Le Mans. In the build up to the event they previewed the four classes of cars that were racing, reported daily on the practices around the circuit, covered the scrutineering, the damp fizzle that was

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#Back2Blog and my current thinking around this blog

An interesting post from Stephanie Tara caught my eye last week – she was ‘rebooting’ her blog with the #Back2Blog hashtag, and committing to ten blog posts over ten days. For the next ten days [starting Monday 24th June, today], I’m going to write a post a day. I’ll keep it short: blogging used to be quick and dirty, and somewhere between the arrival of Facebook and Twitter, posts have started growing into long essays that take hours to write… How short is short? Roughly a screenful. Not more. I have a ton of ideas to blog about, and view

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