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Why were there more Vine shares than Instagram shares on Twitter last week?

Marketing Land: On Friday there were more Vines shared on Twitter than Instagram photos. According to Topsy Analytics… there were about 2.37 million links to shared on Twitter over a 24-hour period as of about 11:30 pm PT Friday night. That’s well ahead of the 2.14 million links to that Topsy counted in the same 24 hours. What changed? I suspect the increased user base through the release of Vine on Android on the Monday before these numbers has a lot to do with it. Let’s see how many of those new users are retained in the next few

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I can’t see Vine video working online if it follows the Seesmic interaction model

Vine, an application that allows you to post a six second video snipept online, is now owned by Twitter and looks ready to launch. But I come back to ‘the Seesmic question’ and have to ask who is it for and what problem does it solve? Almost any technology can find fans and a small social group who will champion it, but the tech fails to break out into a large-scale consumer success. What does Vine do differently? Peter Kafka, on All Things D: Why would you want to download Vine? Because it’s supposed to be a fun tool for

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@ThatDrew for Livestrong? Works for me.

Here’s my proposition, it’s simple and it’s real. Put me in as interim chairman of Livestrong. Let me tell people how important you are to the organization in that role. Then, after you give me some time, come back. I’m not a cyclist or a runner, never will be probably. But it doesn’t matter. Killing cancer does. Drew makes an offer to Livestrong. Right now I can’t think of a better public face for the charity, and I can’t think of a better advocate to fight cancer than Drew. I know that his forthright attitude helped me relate to Vikki’s

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