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What sort of a blogging empire does $80 million get you?

Jim Bankoff raises another $40 million (to add to the existing $40 million) in Vox Media, home of SB Nation, The Verge, Polygon, and a number of other blogs. That’s a lot of capital, and I struggle to see a buy-out as an end game for Bankoff and the team. This is either going to be a rather large IPO, or a forward looking attempt to establish Vox as a CBS/NBC/ABC for the 21st century and stay around forever.

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EFF calls for prior art to fight Podcasting patent suit

Daniel Nazer on the EFF: We’d like to enlist your help to fight this troll. One way to defeat a troll is to prove—either in court or at the patent office—that the claimed invention was not new (or was obvious). In other words, show that the patent applicant didn’t really invent anything. To do this, we need to find publications from before October 2, 1996 that disclose similar or identical ideas (this also known as prior art). The best prior art will include publications describing early versions of podcasting or any other kind of episode distribution over the Internet. I;m drawing

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Weapons of Mass Cooking

News Thump: After the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was charged with using a weapon of mass destruction it has emerged that Tony Blair could have been right about Iraq all along. WMDs had previously been categorised as nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, but now that a pressure cooker with a bomb inside has been added to the list it appears that the joint American/British invasion of Iraq was entirely justified. “This totally changes everything,” said an official spokesperson for Tony Blair. The biggest worry is that much of the challenging and questioning journalistic voices today are coming from

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