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It’s only natural that Amazon would choose Bing for the Kindle Fire

Bing, not Google, to be the search engine for the Kindle Fire tablets. Given Amazon is giving Google an end run on everything (ad revenue, primary sign-in on device, OS branding, app store, etc) it’s only natural they’d turn to another search engine. Still, nice bit of negotiation all round. Give it six months, and that will probably make Bing the #1 search engine on Android tablets. I’ll be watching Tim Cook very carefully on Wednesday to see which search engine any new iPads will be using…

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Pearltrees have an iPad app… why?

I could have just said “Pearltrees have launched their iPad app” and pointed out they bought me a croissant in 2009, but isn’t it more interesting to ask why the next step after a desktop browser app is Apple’s tablet? Based in Paris and launched around the world less than two years ago, Pearltrees  launched their iPad application today. Given the user base of the iPad, it’s one of the smartest moves Pearltrees could have made. The discussion is over on Forbes.

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